Achieving QUIET MIND: Meditative Techniques and Exercises

By Kurt Abraham
ISBN 978-0-9609002-9-9, quality paperback, 111 pages $15.95

“The meditative techniques and exercises offered in this book are intended to offset the problems of what Mr. Abraham describes as worrying-mind, busy-mind, distracted-mind, emotional-mind, scattered-mind, stressed-mind, overly intellectual-mind, and thoughtless opinionated-mind. This book discusses various aspects of the mind, thought, and knowing and how to achieve and sustain a quiet mind. Mr. Abraham is a long timer student of the ageless wisdom and author of numerous books on the seven rays, the soul, and esoteric science. In this compact volume, he draws on the works of Alice Bailey and provides both insight and the nuts-and-bolts mechanics of quieting the mind, as well as how to sustain this quiet.”

~The BEACON, April-June, 2009.

This slim volume is worth more than a score of other books on meditation. Kurt Abraham brings his wide reading, profound insight and deep personal spiritual practice to this ‘Wisdom’ book. A life-long student and researcher of the Seven Rays, the Higher Occultism and transpersonal psychology, Kurt has given us a remarkable work-book chockfull of exercises to help us find our way in the outer world to the High Mountain.

Kurt proceeds step by step in his exercises to help the student blend ‘Mind and Soul’. We begin by laying down the past and sounding the keynote of the day, proceed to question the troubled and agitated mind, awaken joy and compassion and assume divine indifference. As we proceed weekly with the exercises we realize that what we have in this do-it-yourself manual is several years’ work upon ourselves.

Kurt Abraham points out that the key words here are spiritual livingness, practical demonstration, being outwardly effective. A right balance needs to be sought between the inner subjective contemplation and the outer practical application – actualization. One must determine which aspect is out of balance. Most people tend to be too busy, too active outwardly, too intellectual, too emotional, too lacking in soul. The Quiet Mind exercises, asseverates Kurt, are designed to offset that tendency and to bring some much needed quiet reflective time into a person’s life. The effort is to reduce unnecessary and unreflective outer activity by being more mindful of the vital and expansive mind-soul interplay.

“The call to ‘spiritual livingness’”, Kurt Abraham tells us, “is a most important reminder to make all spiritual effort practical, realistic and effective. It is best to think of this effectiveness in the very small rather than the very large. One will not become a Buddha overnight. Such grandiose efforts only lead to disappointment and back-sliding. If one focuses on the very small paradoxically, much progress can be made.”

So Brother Practicus, let us begin the journey of the Quiet Mind that leads finally to the Magic Mountain.

~Mumbai Rosicrucian Pronaos Newsletter Jul -Sep 2013

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