by Kurt Abraham
ISBN 978-0-9823255-0-6 Quality paperback, 264 pages $24.00

“This valuable new treatment of astrology as a spiritual tool is anchored in Alice A. Bailey’s Esoteric Astrology, but that is only the starting point. A wide array of spiritual traditions are brought in to expand and illustrate…. Mr. Abraham brings together a large assemblage of occult and symbolic systems, and organizes them on an astrological framework This book is an excellent and practical text, and will be helpful to students at all levels.”

~Dr. John Cobb President, SCHOOL for ESOTERIC STUDIES Asheville, North Carolina.

“Astrology as Path to Higher Consciousness is by author Kurt Abraham, a long time student of the Ageless Wisdom. The book discusses the esoteric meaning hidden in each of the twelve signs of the zodiac and the lessons each sign confers as it seeks to condition the consciousness of the pilgrim on the way. These are conditioning energies and an understanding of their impact leads to knowing oneself. By extension, this understanding leads to right relationship, and an appreciation of the differences of archetypal types leads to wholeness and healing. He goes on to say that while the energies of consciousness are too elusive for the instruments of physical scientists to detect, these energies are not too elusive for the soul-sensitive mind to detect. In fact, he says, there is a need to work consciously with these energies as they seek to condition and move us forward in evolution. Both experienced astrologers and those just beginning to explore the esoteric significance of the zodiac will appreciate this book.”



The Jousting Ram—Sign of Great Strength—Birthplace of Ideas—Ch’en, the Creative, First Hexagram—Simon Peter— Keynotes of Aries— Aries at the Soul Level— Rulers of Aries. Summary of Mars Descriptors— Summary of Mercury Indicators— Qualitative Terms Identifying the Aries Energy

Epic of Gilgamesh— Bull of Desire— World of Truer Values— Aspiration-Transmutation— Enlightenment, Story of the Buddha— Eye of the Bull— The Spiritual Third Eye— The Secret of Revelation—Positive Qualities of the Taurus Energy—Negative or Problematic Characteristics of Taurus

GEMINI—The Twins
Myth of Castor and Pollux—Manichaeism: Duality of Good and Evil—Chaotic Dance of Whirling Opposites—Today’s Good (Expansion) Becomes Tomorrow’s Evil (Regression-Limitation-Imprisonment) —Son of the Widow—Gemini’s Connection to Masonry. Second Degree: Winding Stairs—The Triplicities—Beauty, Strength, Wisdom—Unity, Peace, Plenty— Meditation on Middle Way—Second Degree, Second Initiation—Rays 3, 4, and 5

CANCER— The Crab
Keynotes of Cancer—Opposites of Cancer-Capricorn—Isolation in the Crowd—The Crab Symbol—Moon Goddesses—Fairies’ Christening—The Mother Signs of Cancer and Virgo—Water Sign and the Psychic Sense—Moon and Neptune—Old Atlantis and the Coming Aquarian Age—Cancer: Non-Glamorous Self-Sacrificing—Cardinal Cross—Light House or Dark Prison

LEO—The Lion
The Lion Symbol—The Sun-Gods—Osiris. Interpretation of the Myth—Typhon (Set). The Races and the Epochs—Horus—Isis—Apollo—the Greek Horus—The Art of Divination—Apollo Slays the Dragon— The Lyre of Apollo—The Fifth Sign—Sound Associated with Radiancy and Color—Leo and the Heart—To Stand Uninfluenced by Others—The Rulers of Leo—The KEYNOTE of Leo: I am That and That am I—Summary of Leo Indicators

VIRGO—The Virgin
The Meaning of “Virgin” —Open to Magic—Virgin Birth. Shying Not Away From Spirit—Seed of New Life—Parzival, Grail Knight—Overly Protected as a Child—Youthful Fool—Art of Knighthood—True Love and Marriage. The Grail Castle—After the Mistake, the Search Begins in Earnestness—Meaning of the Myth—Rudolf Steiner’s Interpretation of Parzival—Goddess Astræa—Messenger of the Gods—Mystery of the Sphinx Virgo—Related to Aries-Gemini-Scorpio through Mercury—Health and the Intestines—Virgo-Aquarius Connected through Service—Virgo and Cancer—the Virgin Goddess and the Mother—Vulcan Relates Virgo to Taurus—Jupiter, Pisces and Sagittarius—Genius and Uniqueness of

Libra—The Scales
Book of Enoch—Seer of the Open Eye—Weighed According to the Portion of Light—Significance of the Junction Point—A Strong but Subtle Mental Presence. Contemplation, Wholeness, the Reversal—Arjuna’s Despondency—Grieve neither for the Living nor the Dead— Performing Action with an Eye for the Good of the World—Recognize the Foe as the Insatiable Fire of Desire—The Yoga of Wisdom. Delusion of the Pairs of Opposites—Silence Among the Secrets—The Cosmic Form Seen in Contemplation Deep—Reversal—Law, Sex, and Money—Laws of Manu—Democracy and Soul of the Law—Themis Goddess of Justice—Law in the Future—Everyone is a Judge. Interlude—The Intermezzo—Balance Between Extrovert and Introvert

Scorpio — The Scorpion
Death and Regeneration; Magical Hand of God—Pupa Stage—the Dedifferentiation and the Chemical “Soup” —The Reversal in Scorpio—The Warrior and the Battle—Mars: Assertive and Penetrating—Test, Trial, and Triumph—Occult Memory and the Dweller on the Threshold—How Can the Warrior Emerge Triumphant? — The Secret of Directed Energy—Eight is an Auspicious Number— Let Maya Flourish and Deception Rule— Summary of Scorpio Qualities and Indicators

Let Food Be Sought—The Hunt takes on New Dimensions—Symbols: Centaur, Rider on White Horse, Bow and Arrow—Goal Oriented— Rider on a White Horse—Rulers: Jupiter and the Earth—Walk the Path and Create in the Higher, Spiritual Sense—Power of Mercury Lessened— Leads to Capricorn—The Song of Milarepa—Summary of Sagittarius Indicators

Three Billy-Goats— Overcoming the Troll and the Dweller— Essential Qualities that Carry One Up the Mountain— Capricorn at Three Levels— The Door Stands Wide—Saturn Provides Experience and Opportunity—Ambition Leads to Perfection—Sign of Initiation—Initiation of the Garden of Eden—Parable of the Buddha— Coiled Energy of the Sleeping Serpent—Three Levels of the Dragon-Serpent and the “Dragon of the Living Light Christ Born in Capricorn, Fulfilling the Old Law, Bringing the New— Makara. A New Cycle of Effort

AQUARIUS—The Water Bearer
The Myth: King Augeas and the Stench of the Royal Stables.
Interpretation of the Myth—The Water Bearer—Jesus and the Woman of Samaria—Christ as Dispenser of the Water of Life—The Law of Service—Keynotes of Aquarius—The Influence of Uranus—Uranus and the Third Ray —Jupiter—Esoteric Ruler of Aquarius—Summary

PISCES—The Fishes
The Story of Jonah—Jonah as the World Savior in Pisces—Response to the Sensed Call—The Factor of Will—Temporary Obscuration of the Call—A Prayer of Gratitude and a Will-To-Action—The Success of True Service and the Surprising Personal Results—Keynotes for Pisces— Redemption and Salvation—Rays One, Two, and Six. Duality: From Selfishness into Divine Selflessness—Symbol of the Fish—The Mermaid and the Smithy—Planetary Rulers of Pisces. Problem of Negativity—Karma and the Twelfth

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