By Kurt Abraham
ISBN 0-9609002-5-X, quality paperback, 147 pgs. $9.95.

“A reading of the book Balancing the Opposites by Kurt Abraham makes one whisper: Here is richness. This book is to be read several times; only then can one gain from the immense insights so casually granted by Kurt Abraham in paragraph after paragraph.”

~Rusi Daruwala, editor Mandala, published in Mumbai, India

“Balancing Opposites is another sensitively written series of essays by Mr. Abraham, expanding upon the development of the science of esoteric psychology, including the soul, the seven rays, esoteric astrology, and individual ray analysis. There is also a section which deals with various suggestions given by Alice Bailey for changes in the educational system and our need for a deeper understanding of children. Instrumental in the coming changes will be the adaptation of the teachings on the seven rays as a tool to more deeply appreciate the needs of children.”

~The Beacon


Balancing the Pairs of Opposites—Vertical and Horizontal Polarities—Growth into the Dualities—The Yin-Yang Metaphor—The Kurukshetra Metaphor—A Practical Exercise—Roberto Assagioli and the Balance of Opposites—Science of Consciousness—Libra, the Sign of Balance—The Temporary Third—East and West—Higher and Lower Mind—The Seven Rays and the Pairs of Opposites—Meditation, Between the Pillars of the Way

Introduction to Part II—The Seven Rays in Literature—King Arthur, First Ray Type—King Lear and a Second Ray Glamour—A Character Drawing in “Legend of Sleepy Hollow”—Carl Rogers and His Most Prominent Rays—The Ray of the Elephant

The Seven Rays in Education—Determining the Rays as Early as Possible—The Child’s Note and Quality—The Rays and Stages of Development—Feeling Beauty, Strength, and Wisdom— Differences in Learning Approaches between Children and Adults—The Feeling Approach—The Rays and the Emotional Plane—The Mental Approach —The Ray of the Mind—The Higher Self or Soul —The Science of Meditation—Meaning, Quality, Value—Love, Patience, Understanding, and Ordered Activity —The Science of Service—Future Schools—A Transition Period—The Time Factor

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