(Revised-expanded edition.)

By Kurt Abraham
ISBN 0-9609002-2-5, quality paperback, 137 pgs $17.00

“Kurt Abraham lists keywords and qualifying terms for each of the Seven Rays. He then provides a rating scale for self-evaluation of the relative strength of influence of each ray in our consciousness and behavior. He also uses the rating scale to compare the influence of the two major lines of ray energy. Finally, Abraham compares the functions of the outgoing sixth ray and the incoming seventh ray in this period of transition between Ages. In my opinion this book is one of the best introductions to the complex subject of the Seven Rays.”.
~ Robert Gerard, Ph.D., President, International Foundation for Integral Psychology.

“Those who are daunted by Alice Baileys five volume Treatise on the Seven Rays can begin with Abrahams excellent introduction to the subject.”
~ Rusi Daruwala, editor Mandala, published inMumbai, India.

This book begins with the basic qualities of each of the Seven Rays, the Rays and the Planes, and the Rays that condition the various vehicles (personality, mind, emotions, physical body).

The Self-Evaluation Quiz provides an assessment that is helpful in determining whether or not a person is a pronounced or balanced type.
Other essays include:

  • The Rays and Patterns of Leadership. This has to do with styles of business management.
  • The Three Rays of Aspect and the Four Rays of Attribute. This essay helps one to understand the special importance of the Three Major Rays – how they control and run everything else.
  • The Threefold Social Order. This essay discusses Rudolf Steiner’s Threefold Social Order in light of the Seven Ray energies. The Threefold Order relates to the natural divisions of 1) Government, 2) the Spiritual-Cultural Domain, and 3) the Economic Domain. It is important to understand how, through projection and innate differences, one Domain tends to interfere with another Domain. When Government interferes with business, enterprise is stifled. When corporations “buy” government, injustices occur, such as a wide gap between the haves and have-not. When the Church interferes with the social order, a medieval type of situation occurs where freedom of religion is limited.
  • Differences between the Out-Going Sixth Ray and the Incoming Seventh Ray. This important phenomenon is discussed in several parts. It has to do with the transition from the Piscean Age to the Aquarian Age.
  • There is also a Questions Answered section dealing with various factors related to the seven rays.

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