By Kurt Abraham
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CHAPTER ONE — THE POSTULATES: Invisible Colors — Growing Sensitivity — Thought-Forms — The Major Cosmic Law and the Three Solar Systems — Color Veils the Spirit as Dense Form Veils the Soul — Correspondences — The Form and Formless Nature of the Seven Planes — The Subtle-Bodies and the Constitution of Man — Development of the Soul Body — Color as Value and Quality — The Divine Psychologist — The One, the Three, and the Seven — Each Life Demonstrates a Different Color

CHAPTER TWO – THE COLORS: The Use of Blinds — The Importance of Indigo — INDIGO — GREEN —BLUE — YELLOW and GOLD — ORANGE — RED — Graduates of the Ruddy Fire — Scorpio, Mars, Christian Nations, and the Color Red — ROSE — VIOLET — Violet Devas Working on Etheric Plane — Esoterically Violet is White — The Seventh Ray, the Violet Ray, Synthesizes All

CHAPTER THREE — IMAGES I:  Affection-Aspiration — Affection-Thoughtful — Anger —

Anger Controlled — Worry — Service — Leadership — Establishing a New Order — Blue Flowers in Green Field — Putting Feelings into Words — Ajna Center — The Hierophant — The Magician or High Priestess

CHAPTER FOUR — COLOR DYNAMICS: Sublimation of the Five Human Stages — Colors for Beginners: Orange, Rose and Green — The Three Systems: Mysteries Hidden, Mysteries Revealed

CHAPTER FIVE — HIGHER and LOWER MIND: Venus, Morning Star and Evening Star, Higher and Lower Mind — Diagram: The Auric Egg — Diagram: The Human Pentacle — Diagram: Duality of Manas — Diagram: Intuitive-Man — Buddhic Plane and the Color Violet — Transmutation — Significant Difference between Higher and Lower Manas — Diagram: Planes of Perfected Man — Chakras, Root Races, Mutation in Color — Life, Color, and Intelligence — True Knowledge is of Spirit — Keywords regarding Higher and Lower Manas

CHAPTER SIX — IMAGES II: The Armor of Masculine Aggression — Persephone, the Divine Feminine — Healing Properties of Harp Music — The Purple Heart — Sympathy-Affection — Three Colors of Leadership — Full Eclipse of the Soul-Sun — JUPITER — The Root Chakra — Hope — Wholeness on Lower Plane


The Two Threads: Sutratma and Antahkarana — Personality Correspondence to Antahkarana — Receptive Mind, Individualized Mind, Illuminating Mind — Letter to RSU with Mediation on Color — The Fire of the Will to Love — The Will-to-Good — The Antahkarana as Reflective Spiritual Thought — Complexity, Simplicity, Synthesis —

Light Manifestation and Light as Substance — The Creative Thread — The “Seat of Consciousness” of the Spiritual Man — Mercury Rules the Antahkarana — From Unconscious to Semi-Conscious to Conscious — Creative Work, Magnetic Power, Conscious Activity — The Antahkarana and the Races — Important Ray Factors — The Antahkarana

CHAPTER EIGHT — IMAGES III: ARIES, The New Life — ARIES, The New Idea — TAURUS, The Cliff Dweller — GEMINI, The Butterfly and the Rabbit — CANCER, The Cosmic Touch — LEO, The Fearless — VIRGO, Impregnation by Spirit — LIBRA, Right Relationship — SCORPIO, Actualizing of the Spirit —

SAGITTARIUS, The Intuitive — CAPRICORN, The Rock of Ages — CAPRICORN, The Blue Roses — AQUARIUS, Crowning White Light — PISCES, A Large Dead Oak Tree against a Blue Sky


Reviewed by Rusi Daruwala in the Mumbai Rosicrucian Newsletter July-Sept 2015: “This beautifully illustrated book contains enough material for several lifetimes of contemplation and practice. Kurt writes with his head among the constellations, but his feet are firmly planted on Earth…. The book discusses the esoteric aspects of various colors, color dynamics, the higher and lower mind, and the bridge (antahkarana) to be built between them. Extremely beneficial are the three chapters on images. The main technique for receiving images is the technique described in the Agni Yoga books as the diamond consciousness…. Reading and rereading the books of Kurt Abraham put me in mind of a sentence of Kierkegaard who wrote, Purity of heart is to will one thing, and that is to will the good.”

BOOK REVIEW Mystery and Language of Color,
Esoteric Quarterly, volume 11, number 4, Winter 2016
“Kurt Abraham gives us much to ponder upon in this investigation on Mystery and Language of Color. The book contains a wealth of foundational information, along with several useful tools that can inspire readers to undertake their own research into color, vibration and light. Readers are offered a valuable treatment of the subject—one that can help them better appreciate the beauty of color, its psychological meaning, its effect on the outer and inner life and its practical application for advancement on the Path of Discipleship.”
Donna M. Brown
Washington DC.

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