Book by Gesine Abraham
Preschool Education: Keeping the Magic Alive … $18.00

Books by Kurt Abraham
Introduction to the Seven Rays … $17.00

Seven Rays: Frequently Asked Questions … $18.00

Psychological Types and the Seven Rays … $15.00

GREAT SOULS: Seven Rays at Soul Level … $18.95

Techniques of Soul Alignment: Use of Keywords … $14.00

Threefold Method for Understanding the Seven Rays
and Other Essays in Esoteric Psychology … $15.00

Astrology as Path to Higher Consciousness … $24.00

Planetary Energies as Stepping Stones to Cosmos … $28.00

Achieving QUIET MIND: Meditative Techniques… $15.95

Balancing the Pairs of Opposites; Seven Rays and Education … $9.95

Moon Veils Vulcan and the Sun Veils Neptune … $16.00

Seven Rays and Nations: France and United States Compared … $9.80

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