PLANETARY ENERGIES as STEPPING STONES to COSMOS: The Planets in Color, Meaning, Picture, and Symbol

By Kurt Abraham
ISBN 978-098232551-3.
Quality paperback, 6×9, 55 color illustrations, 200 pgs $28.00.
published October, 2010.

The author tells us in the first chapter that the Study of the Planets grew out of a Study of Color. Much of this study was done in what has been referred to as the diamond consciousness in the Agni Yoga books. This has to do with being conscious of both the Mundane World and the Subtle World at the same time. This is the moment between sleep and waking.

The Diamond Consciousness. He quotes an Agni Yoga book:

“If people perceived such conditions consciously, they would grasp more easily the idea of psychic energy. It is called a sacred moment, which everybody has the opportunity of experiencing. We intensify and deepen these diamond moments through a clear understanding of their significance. Indeed, they are so brief that no effort is required. Prolonged communication with the Subtle World can be achieved, but simultaneous awareness of the two worlds is momentary….Each human being has the power to experience this moment that connects the two worlds, but for this one must develop a subtle awareness. All recollections of the Subtle World are extremely useful for human evolution.” (Supermundane Book One, 120)

The author goes on to say:

“In the writing of this book the symbols, images, colors, and brief scenes that tell us something about the qualitative energy of the planets came from a source other than my own intellect. Upon receiving an image, my usual thought was: I never would have thought of that. Often my reaction was a negative one, such as I can’t use this, this doesn’t make sense, or This is too shocking, people would never understand this, or This must apply to something else. As I gave due thought and meditation to the colors and images, however, I saw how meaningful and insightful the images are.”

Two Authors to the Book. One of the images that occurred to the author early in the writing was the picture of a book and the clear words: THIS BOOK HAS TWO AUTHORS. This word image raised many more questions than it answered. Who was the other author? Did the other author want to give a name or remain anonymous? Eventually these questions were answered at least partially as noted in the Epilogue.

Experiencing the Planets. From Chapter One:

“It is important to realize the each planet has a different consciousness, which is to say a different note and predominant quality. When one enters into the aura of another planet, one enters into a qualitative atmosphere that is very different from Earth and from any other planet. We find that the designation of Sacred and Non-Sacred Planets in the book Esoteric Astrology is a most significant one. A sacred planet has a much higher vibration than a non-sacred planet. The life of Venus in particular was experienced as an extraordinarily high vibration. Also surprising was the realization of the strong influence of the asteroids, particularly the largest asteroid Ceres-Demeter—the Divine Feminine. The Divine Feminine, as an energy conveyed by the asteroids Ceres-Demeter, Pallas-Athena, and Vesta, came as an awakening experience to the author, revealing a profound saintliness of women.”

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