Psychological Types and the Seven Rays

By Kurt Abraham
ISBN 0-9609002-8-4, quality paperback, 150 pgs. $15.00

This book discusses in detail the three rays that generally condition the mental body–1st ray of will and power (the administrative mind), 4th ray of harmony through conflict (artistic-intuitive thinker), the 5th ray of scientific knowledge (scientific mind). Historical examples are presented in detail for purposes of illustration–Jane Addams, Mahatma Gandhi, Thoreau, Van Gogh, Darwin, Thomas Henry Huxley.

“Your book should be really useful to many. It establishes a precedent. I am honored to have the book dedicated to me.”

~ Mary Bailey, President of the Lucis Trust.

This is another book that I strongly recommend to readers, as it looks at the rays of such people as Charles Darwin, Vincent van Gogh, Thoreau, and others and brings the subject to life.”

~ David Tansley, author of Ray Paths and Chakra Gateways.

Quite fascinating book.”

~ Edward Cornish, editor, The Futurist.

This book focuses on the three Rays that generally condition the mind:

  • First of Power – Administrative Mind
  • Fourth Ray of Harmony through Conflict – Artistic-Intuitive Mind
  • Fifth Ray of Concrete Knowledge – Scientific Mind

This provides a very practical means of accessing the complexity of the Seven Rays in terms of human psychology. The Seven Rays “cycle through every kingdom in nature and produce all states of consciousness in every field of awareness.” As such, the subject matter is enormously complex. The author, however, enables one to “get a practical handle on the Rays” through exploring and elaborating upon the material given the Alice Bailey books, concerning the Rays of Mind.

Using historic examples, the author illustrates innate gifts and prejudices of prominent people. Each ray type is endowed with certain natural gifts. The fifth ray mind, for example, finds science a path of least resistance. When it comes to writing poetry, however, Darwin had no ability to think creatively. Vincent van Gogh’s fourth ray mind expressed deep feelings for beauty and color. In his words, he had a “violent passion for works of art reaching the highest pitch of enthusiasm.” When it came to business and employment, he had much difficulty. “He had not the slightest knowledge of the book trade and did not make any attempt to learn.”
Extreme or pronounced types were selected by the author in order to make the ray energies more “visible.”

The author explains how a person has a soul ray, a personality ray, a ray of the mind, the emotional body, and the physical body – five rays in total. A person can be a “pronounced type” with more than one “body” on the same ray. Or a personal can be a “balanced type” with rays on both major ray lines. The 2-4-6 rays line up as rays of abstraction (love-wisdom, beauty-intuition, idealism-devotion). The 1-3-5-7 rays line up as rays of concretion, more form oriented (power-order, intelligence, business, concrete knowledge, organization-ritual).

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