By Kurt Abraham
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“In this sampling of letters, author Kurt Abraham—founder of the School for the Study of the Seven Rays—explores the practical application and understanding of the rays in everyday life, and discusses how to distinguish the seven ray types in the lives of ourselves and others. The book starts with a brief layman’s definition of the rays, and moves on to a wide range of topics, including: Differentiating Between Personality and Mental Rays, When Does the Soul Ray Become Evident, Balance of Head-Heart-Throat, Isolating the Ray of Mind, and so on. The book also includes some of Abraham’s answers to questions not directly related to the rays, like Thinking Above the Diaphragm, Being Optimistic in Relationships and Intuition in Children. Kurt Abraham is a long time student of the books of Alice Bailey.”
—The Beacon

PREFACE to Seven Rays: Frequently Asked Questions

School for the Study of the Seven Rays (SS7R) has been in existence for approximately seventeen years. In that time it has been my great privilege to correspond with people from many countries around the world on the subject of the Seven Rays and Esoteric Psychology. Most every new field and pioneering effort has a spark of something special. First of all, there is the belief, and more than a belief, in the profound meaning, the special significance, and the potential service of the subject matter. Secondly, there is an inevitable sense of self-sacrifice that accompanies the effort. At the end of the study (which is actually a study without end), there is no diploma and no job waiting. This in itself is a winnowing process—a winnowing that leaves us with some very rare individuals who see a very large picture. Even when these individuals work alone in a lonely place, they are not alone. Even when they work as individuals they are actually very much group players in a future game yet to be recognized. One could say in this regard that they have to work blindly, yet they see more than those who project the misconceptions of today on a future that will outgrow them. Thus, in many respects the work is difficult, lonely, with no recognition, and no remuneration, yet, in spite of all the self-sacrifice, one certainly doesn’t have to wait for Saint Peter and the proverbial pearly gates in order to open Heaven’s Door.

Therefore, it is a great privilege to touch the lives of such souls who work invisibly as someone’s friend and neighbor, who go about the business of life in quite an ordinary way, and who at the same time carry the heart-beat of Humanity close to their own hearts. These are people who labor not for themselves but for a future they may not see. They work for a light that will illuminate the lives of others. What greater privilege can one have than to work with such silent helpers.

—Kurt Abraham, Oregon, March, 2011

Questions include:

  • At what age does the ray of the soul become evident?
  • Different counselors use different ray approaches. How would you characterize the different ray methods?
  • Why did you start with the rays of the mind, and what is the approach you choose when you meet somebody and try to understand their ray make up?
  • Is it possible that the mental body has two different rays?
  • The Fourth Ray of Harmony through Conflict can result in some troubled souls. Can this be avoided? Is this necessary?
  • How does one not be limited by any ray? How does one truly allow a new energy to emerge? What is the process?
  • How would you use the rays to help her heal herself? Would it be enough to make her aware of her imbalance and help educate her?
  • Can dominant ray qualities from another person or group influence an individual to a point whereby it may be difficult to determine an individual’s rays? In other words, people take on qualities that may not be identified with their specific rays?
  • On which plane does one use the intuitive sense and can children use this level easier than adults?

Table of Contents:

CHAPTER ONE – What are the Seven Rays: A Conversation with the Postman — Is this Philosophical, Scientific, Religious, or Psychological — Three Stages in Ray Knowledge — Are the Seven Rays Helpful in Remembering Our Real Nature  — Differentiating between Personality and Mental Rays — Can the Mental Body have Two Rays — Do High Ideals Make One Miserable — The Pied Piper of Hamlin.

CHAPTER TWO – Fourth Ray Mind — Creativity and Dreaming — Fourth Ray “Troubled Souls” — Fourth Ray Inspires rather than Preaches — Too Much Focus on Self — Developing a Working Hypothesis — Fearing to Take Action — Problem of the Second Ray Type — When there is No Longer the Fear of Death — The Use of the Second Ray in Therapy — Third Ray Contrasted with Fifth Ray — Relationship between Second Ray and Third Ray

CHAPTER THREE – Developing Intellect — Experience More Important than Memorization — The Need for Stillness — Developing an Intuitive Approach to the Rays — Effortlessness — Do You do Ray Analysis — Source of Humbleness — Rays at Various Levels — Rays as Psychological Entities — Handling Criticism — Serving in the World or Working Quietly behind the Scenes.

CHAPTER FOUR – When Does the Soul Ray Become Evident — Hard to Pin the Rays Down as a Classification — Assiduously Bringing in the Light — Level of Dream — The One Who Leads the Twelve — The Winnower of the Chaff — The One Who Marks the Parting of the Way — Ray Energy, the Planes, and the Use of Speech — Sensing the Presence of All the Rays — The Second Ray Heals the Fourth Ray — Holding the Mind Steady in the Light

CHAPTER FIVE – Structure Behind the Manifested Worlds — Being Confrontational — Questions on Glamour (Illusion on the Emotional Plane) — Service as Meeting Need — Service as the Right Use of One’s Gifts — Balancing One’s Gifts with the Opposite — Group Consciousness — The Masters, Group Consciousness, and Individuality — Individual Consciousness and Group Consciousness — It is as if Each Ray Speaks a Different Language — Starting a Study Group

CHAPTER SIX – Influence of Seventh Ray, Value of Sixth Ray — Rays Two and Five in Business Setting —  How Long Did It Take You to Learn the Rays — The Ray Cycles — How Does One Allow a New Ray Energy to Emerge — How Can One be Certain. —  Transition from Square to Triangle

CHAPTER SEVEN – Balance of Head-Heart-Throat — Thinking Above the Diaphragm — Opening Head Chakra — Emotional Stress and Transmutation —Meditation on Serenity — Solar Plexus to Heart Chakra —

Solar Plexus plus Throat, with a Lack of Heart — The Group Aura.

CHAPTER EIGHT – What Determines the Profession: Ray of Soul, Personality, or Mind — Acquiring Another Ray Energy — Contrast between First Ray and Second Ray Approach in Therapy — Isolating the Ray of the Mind; Personality Polarized in Mind — The Phenomenon of Scapegoating in the Group Dynamic.

CHAPTER NINE – The Use of the Word “Ego” meaning Soul — The Character of the Soul and When is it “Visible” —  Being Optimistic in Relationships — Why Isn’t the Spiritual Hierarchy More Visibly Involved — Status, Position, and Paradoxes.

CHAPTER TEN – The Divine Feminine — Rays of Education — Fifth Ray Mind: Non-Magnetic or Magnetic — The Work of School for the Study of the Seven Rays (Earth and Fire) — Mental Ray Type of the Creative Teacher — The Intuition in Children

CHAPTER ELEVEN – The Sixth Ray and Emotional Agitation — Service in the Small Things — Is Soul Ray Related to Hobbies — The Rays as the Language Of the Gods — Changing People’s Minds — Being Taken Advantage of in One’s Personal Life — The Balanced Combination of Rays Three and Four — Fourth Ray Conflict — Difference between Sentimentality and Affection — Relating to People of Different Rays — Thoughts on AUM.

CHAPTER TWELVE – One’s Own Rays Being Influenced by Another Person or Group — Rays One and Seven Working Together — The Approach in Understanding the Rays of the Mind — Expression of Mental Ray and Personality Ray — Ray Three Moves towards Ray One, Six to Two; What About Ray Four? — Mind Able to Think along several Modes — Do the Rays Have a Dual Quality — Can the Mind and Personality be on More Than One Ray — Law of Attraction and Repulsion.

CHAPTER THIRTEEN – Service Cycle of the New Group of World Servers — Oneness, Synthesis, and Equality — The Use of the Word “Soul” by a Licensed Psychologist — The Problem of Loneliness — How Does Feeling Help Us Find Our Way to Meaning.

CHAPTER FOURTEEN – Differentiating Between Thought and Feeling Evening Review Arrested Mental Development Manipulation or Clarification in Counseling Setting Everyone has a Special Gift from God Dealing with a Problematic Person in a Spiritual Group.

CHAPTER FIFTEEN – Dramatic Change in Life Direction — What Happens after the Seventh Ray — Consciousness of Sub-Human Kingdoms — Using a Questionnaire as a Means of Determining One’s Rays — Question of the Misunderstood Genius or Creative Innovator — Three Aspects of the Will —Distinctions Between Spirit, Soul, and Personality.

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