Revised-expanded edition.

By Kurt Abraham
ISBN 0-9609002-8-4, quality paperback, 150 pgs. $15.00

“Kurt Abraham gives valuable advice not only for the acquisition of knowledge about the rays, but also for their use to further the psychospiritual growth of individuals and groups. Throughout the book Abraham applies and extends the teaching on the rays for practical purposes.”

~Dr. Robert Gerard, President, International Foundation for Integral Psychology.

“These are trail-blazing books which are using the Alice Bailey ideas on the Seven Rays as a springboard and foundation.”

~Michael Lerner, editor, Welcome to Planet Earth.

The First Method has to do with an intelligent investigation of the literature of the Seven Rays. This is the initial and necessary academic approach. It leads to an understanding particularly of one’s own rays and the path of least resistance.

The Second Method deals with a focused effort to understand rays that are not in one’s own psychological make-up. One has to appreciate the other or “foreign type” as a most necessary something that completes the whole. One learns to appreciate differences rather than seeing differences as limited or wrong.

The Third Method has to do with becoming the “foreign” ray. This has to do with developing a ray energy that is not in one’s own innate psychological equipment. This is a path of considerable resistance.

Specific examples are given for each of these methods, particularly the second and third methods.
Other essays in the book include:

  • The Orchestration of Ray Energies
  • The Rays and Dream Interpretation
  • The Rays and Developmental Stages
  • The Rays Three Four and Five Contrasted
  • Some Questions Answered
  • Glossary of Ray Definitions

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