Vol. 13. No. 1, SPRING 2011

By a Student

How to approach the study of color relevant to the Subtle and Mundane worlds has taken weeks of reflection.  Color is an indicator of what flows beneath the surface.  All creation will reflect color in shades and tones according to unfoldment of consciousness. DK states: “Color is but the form assumed by force, of some kind, when that force is moving at a certain measure, and when its action and movement is impeded or unimpeded by the material through which it plays…. The resistance of matter to the downflow of force or life, and its relative density or rarity accounts for much of the color distinction.“ (Letters on Occult Meditation 232)  This is experienced in both the subtle and mundane worlds.

How does one describe the relationship between the subtle and the mundane or even draw a line between them?  Can one look at the mundane and see the subtle or look at the subtle and see the mundane?  Do divisions exist or are they an illusion?  Could one say that we live in the subtle world while experiencing the mundane or we live in the mundane world while experiencing the subtle?  Perhaps we move between the two in varying degrees of frequency and intensity.  Can one say that all form is a crystallization of energy and reflects light and can be referred to as the mundane?  And can one say that  when the crystallization is broken up that it is referred to as the subtle?  Perhaps this can be equated to the continual movement of energy through cyclic activity of death and renewal, of stagnation and growth and the process is seen in variations of force through color.

DK indicates that “the seven colors may be regarded as a band of seven colors circling  and continuously shifting and moving through the planes back to their originating  source……The bands of color form a circulating ring which, moving at different rates of vibration, passes through all the planes, circling down and up again…. These colored  rings do not follow a straight unimpeded course, but interweave in a most curious manner, blending with each other, absorbing each other in stated cycles, and grouping themselves in groups of threes or fives, yet ever moving onwards.“  (LOM 211, 212)

Perhaps our contacts between the subtle and mundane may be equated to the  seismographic reading of sound and color frequencies.

The question that arose in my mind is the following: If the colors blend and absorb and yet each color vibrates at a different frequency and moves at a different rate of speed, do the colors actually blend or remain distinct?  I asked this question before going to bed.

The Dream.
The following was experienced during sleep:

I entered what appeared to be a guest room and immediately noticed a beautiful pale blue fabric covering two windows.  Within the blue fabric were minute crystalline like particles of violet-purple, distinct but completely integrated within the fabric itself. The particles were scintillating as if reflecting the violet light.  The entire picture reminded me of an advanced technique using the Pointillism theory in art.

I deduced that when two colors are at different frequencies, each color remains distinct.  When the colors reach the same frequency (unimpeded by impurity), the colors become identical and either blend or merge. This may be similar to the process of atonement at some higher level in consciousness.

Everyone experiences the movement between the subtle world and the mundane.  However, the benefit of maintaining a journal of dreams, meditations and experiences provides a continuity of connectedness and helps to expand one’s understanding of cause and effect.  Moments of memory of contact with the subtle world may be brief as well as delayed in frequency.  A journal helps one understand and makes connections between the experiences.

It appears that the most daunting and painful experiences tend to jolt us into greater awareness.  From the unification prayer “Let pain bring due reward of light and love” is so true.  We become aware that we are not alone and help is ever present.  Each may experience this help differently and according to one’s understanding.

In my very early years (early teens), at a point of total despair I was taken out of the body during hours of sleep to another dimension.  During this time I experienced a whirling vortex of energy in a magnetic force field of love—a love both personal and universal.  Prior to this experience, I had never known what love and caring meant.  The pervasive color was a deep indigo blue field with specks of multiple colors. Perhaps one may describe the above as some ashram with colors reflecting the dominant note of each being who comprised the group.

We are tested in every aspect of our being both on the inner and the outer dimensions.  I shall share an experience recorded on April 10, 1990. As is know, the lower ethers around the planet hold much negativity and as we leave the body during sleep we traverse through this area into the higher dimensions.  As a test, I was taken into a depressing environment where several entities were partaking in extremely negative activities.  I told them they were playing with black magic and I refused to participate. I stated I was a member of the White Lodge.  They were trying to prevent my escape.  I began singing at a very high frequency.  The winds started to move and the dark clouds dispersed.  I knew I would get out and the entities left me. The use of sound and color, both interchangeable, can be used to either create or destroy.

Many of the scientists, inventors, architects, artists, etc., bring down into the physical plane what can be seen on the inner. Another example of contact with the Subtle World occurred during a full moon meditation (Feb. 11, 1979).

“I saw large masses of people on a narrow highway heading toward the top of a mountain.  As the road became more difficult with climbing, many reached down and pulled the other up.  The light increased with greater intensity the closer one moved toward the top. The road was dark in the far distance but people were moving toward the light.  Tears started to flow as each person reached down to help the other move higher along the path.” [See drawing entitled “Expansion of Being” on page 1]

We use the term light as the Light of the Soul, the light of knowledge. “Let the Soul bring to light the love that underlies the happenings of the time” (from the unification prayer). It is interesting that light reveals and color hides, acting as a blind, yet color is a by-product of light.  White light contains all colors and yet white is essentially not considered a color by the absence of pigment.

Black is considered the absence of color and yet in the mundane, black can be produced by combining many colors.  White reflects, black absorbs.  White keeps an area cool by reflecting.  Black keeps an area warm by absorbing.

The movement towards light is a process of evolution and towards black a process of involution.  Light (spirit) is the spark while black (matter) is the fuel.  The relationship “between” is the path to consciousness and the eventual spiritualization of matter.  One, perhaps, cannot co-exist without the other. Where there is the brightest light there is the darkest dark.  Light reveals while black conceals.


By Kurt Abraham                                                     

Five men went out into the world to seek Light and Truth. Initially their
group effort began in a reading and discussion group. Soon they exhausted all local resources.  They had to seek further and go farther but they knew not in which direction to go.  They realized soon enough that they could cover more ground if they all went out into the world in different directions.  They drew lots.  One went North.  One went South.  One went East and one went West.  The fifth man went in a Spiral fashion passing through all directions.

After years of searching, the Spiral Man found a True Path and was eager to share it with his fellow searchers. The first co-seeker he encountered on his Path of Return was the Man who had traveled East. The Spiral Man told East Man all about the Truth Path.

“That’s all well and good,” replied East Man, “but there is only one problem.”

“What might that be?” asked Spiral Man, “wondering what possible question there could be.”

“It has to come from me,” said East Man.

“Don’t you know that it has to come from me?

I’m older than you; I’ve been searching longer.

If you knew anything at all, you’d have respect for that.

Was it not my idea to search both land and sea?

So there you have it: It has to come from me.”

Try as Spiral Man did to convince East Man of the Great Truths he had found, East Man turned a blind eye and a closed mind.  Sadly Spiral Man left East Man and continued on his way.

A short time later Spiral Man encountered West Man and was overjoyed to see him and to share with him his Truth findings.  West Man listened patiently, nodding occasionally, but said nothing. At the close of his enthusiastic clarification, Spiral Man asked, “What do you think?  Is this not grand?  Is this not beyond wonder? Is this not the Smile of the Great Spirit spread before our very eyes?”

“Well,” replied West Man slowly, thoughtfully,

“I’ll tell you of wonders that I have seen:

There are big bangs and quantums and theories of string,

there are websites, conventions, and trips to the East.

So you see,” said West Man, “there’s no need to bother.

It’s all six of one and half a dozen of the other.”

In his equality-refrain with assurance he muttered:

“It’s all six of one and half a dozen of the other.”

“Twittering by a bunch of Twits,” replied Spiral Man, “is hardly equal to veritable Truths.  Can you not tell the difference between a pearl and a twig?  What trough have you been feeding at?  I shall not cast pristine jewels before a bunch of …”

Let’s not get carried away, Spiral Man quickly restrained himself. Patience, he said.  After all, LIFE is the Great Teacher.

Sadly, Spiral Man left West Man and went on his way. A short time later he encountered South Man. This time he was less joyous and more cautious but never the less eager to share his findings of Great Truth.  Spiral Man expounded brilliantly but with perspicacity, keeping a shrewd eye on his old friend during the exposition.

“Well,” he optimistically concluded, “what do you think? Is this not the Great Mother Herself removing Her veil?  Is this not the hum of the humming bird thundering through the mountains?”

“Please,” said South Man, “do keep this quiet.

My wife to be is arriving soon.

She too seeks Truth, but what would she do

if she heard all this from the likes of you

instead of me, her teacher, her love, her fashion?

It’s best to depart NOW before I lose my passion.

Sad, to be sure, Spiral Man left at once, sad but no longer shocked or surprised. What excuses to avoid Truth can be fashioned by my once-upon-a-time friends, he thought.  The mind plays many tricks.  Still he had hopes and continued on his way.

Soon he encountered North Man, definitely a man of stature. He had his highest hopes in him.  Surely he and North Man could make the journey together.  Surely here was a true brother capable of joining forces for the Great Journey still to come.

Expound Spiral Man did, as he had done before.  North Man was attentive and even asked a few good questions, which was a very good sign.  Spiral Man was indeed impressed, and his hopes began to rise. At the end of the exposition, North Man finally said:

That’s all to the good but is it quite right?

I’ve devoted followers seeking the light.

I’m well healed in this truth-seeking business.

In fact, I propose that you come and join me.

You’d be a drawing card, the venture would grow.

Of course I’m the one who’s running the show.

My enterprise is large but I’m getting dizzy.

See for yourself that I’m very very busy.

I see that, for that’s plain and simple, thought Spiral Man, as he said his good-byes. The man upon whom he had placed his highest hopes seemed most wayward of all. Spiral Man departed, wondering in his heart of hearts what the moral of this story could possibly be.

Looking up into the heavens he rhetorically asked: “Oh Brother, where art thou?” Of course he knew that the Brotherhood is very much alive and well up there.  He had no doubt about that. On this side of the veil, however, the promising-disappointing game of false starts and cul-de-sacs was beginning to make him wonder. What possible conclusions is one able to draw?

In the great world of the much-to-do-about-next-to-nothing, the nothingness has its humorous side.  The more one thinks about it, the funnier it all becomes.  One must truly take most things not too seriously. So much is really no big deal.

The Fool we all laugh at, as he makes us wonder.

The Martyr is honored in holidays few recall.

The Hero becomes tragic around a misdemeanor.

Survival of the Richest becomes the nation’s law.

While Saints still go marching in,

displaying spiritual gymnastics,

they’re unable to bestow their blessings

till sanctioned by the ecclesiastics.

In the earnestness of the seeking, there are those who lead and those who play a secondary role. For those who say, I lead and I must lead, they are secondary and know it not. For those who are quite content to be secondary or even last in line, their role is often prized higher than the self-proclaimed leader, and they too might know that not.  On occasion, however, one of the self-effacing last-in-liners might even receive a tap on the shoulder, saying:

Ill-equipped as one is to lead,

always looking rather to empower another,

such a one must learn the fine and subtle art,

of leadership by the group and for the other.

In the meantime the Four Directions run off chasing rainbows, will-of-the-wisps, and their hidden, though obvious, agendas, until one fine and glorious day an awakening occurs.

Glory be to Heaven above—

hovering over, ever and always.

The lame walk (to the back of the line)

leaving the Me-Firsts to their own devices.

While the blind gain sight and say, That’s enough!

No more appeasing with a token.

Freedom, Justice, Equality, Human Rights!

The people’s voice has finally spoken.

Think globally and act locally, we’re all told.

Exactly what are all the “global” cases?

I say: Think Cosmically and act Universally.

That’s sure to cover all the bases.