Vol. 18, No. 1, Spring-Summer 2016


I am NATURE, the feminine aspect, the MOTHER.
I am matter infused with SPIRIT awakening the consciousness of the will-to-be.
Imbued with the will-to-good I balance and nourish the evolving life.
The Earth is the garment, the mantel through which I express the outer form.
I am the manifestation of all kingdoms—each kingdom an organ in the body of the whole,
each vehicle through which the forces weave the tapestry of LIFE.
Through cycles I create, I nourish, I balance, and recreate
to refine the evolving forms that both hide and reveal the LIGHT.

—— Nancy Maehl

Planetary Healing
by Andrew Nellist

The Rays of Humanity in the Age of Aquarius
Just as the individual link with the soul is of benefit in healing, so the link of Humanity with the Hierarchy can bring healing to the world. This is of value to world problems, but especially today in terms of the Environmental situation and the health of Nature. This link can be viewed in terms of DK’s Ray Psychology, in which he gives the Rays of Humanity in relation to the Hierarchy, which can be considered as the Soul nature. This spiritual science can be investigated and researched, and is of practical application in our living spiritual experience. His writings are based upon an understanding of the Seven Rays and Astrology as they affect our developing consciousness. In his work, a Ray gives a radiation or stream of energy which is cyclically expressed, intensifying the quality and receptivity of consciousness. The seven qualities have a sevenfold effect, with the emphasis upon the quality and not the form created (EP1 p316). All manifestation is thus of a septenary nature, and these living energies could be considered as the etheric body of the planet (TEV p161).

His view of Astrology is in terms of streams of energy intermingling and influencing systemic affairs. The precession of the equinoxes is not important, for the underlying reality is not dependent upon astronomy or mathematics (EA pp62-3, 146, 256-7). Streams of energy flow through the signs of the Zodiac as concentrated influences: “In the distinction between constellations as galaxies of stars, and the signs as concentrated influences will come fresh light upon the science of astrology” (EA p621). There are the traditional planetary rulers as transmitting agents in ordinary development, but there are other rulers and influences on spiritual development, such as the importance of the Ascendant in linking with the soul. Astrology deals with those conditioning energies which play through the field of space (EA p5). In spiritual development there is response to these and constructive use made of them, rather than being ruled by the pattern of one’s chart. The main theme of Astrology is the relation of the Seven Rays to the zodiacal constellations (EA pp26-7). The evolutionary process itself involves Reincarnation, through which we grow in soul contact and identification, with the Rays manifesting through astrological time, like an hourglass which is turned over as we return in spiritual being.

The soul grows through the gain of spiritual quality from experience and expression through the developing personality in each incarnation. This personality is not the character which changes with each life, but the sum of the physical, astral (feeling) and mental states, which gradually integrate and align with the soul. Spiritual psychology looks at the Ray of the soul, which mostly stays the same, in relation to the Rays of the personality which vary with each life. Eventually the soul expresses fully through the physical vehicle, but this comes with the growing identification of the personality with the soul, with the personality acting as a channel for soul expression. Thus the purpose of evolution is to become the soul and work with spiritual qualities in the world. We can also look at the Rays of Humanity as a whole. In this respect, each Age of the Zodiac is like an incarnation, and for the Age of Aquarius the personality is given as Ray 5, with mind 4, astral 6, physical 7 (GWP p156ff).

In the Age of Pisces the personality Ray of Humanity was the third. The mind Ray was the fifth of scientific achievement. These influences have shaped both ourselves and the world in which we live. As in Eastern philosophy we have the chakras, so kingdoms of Nature represent centres in the world body. In this way we have corresponded to the planetary throat centre. Ray 3 and Piscean influences retain a conditioning effect, while incoming energies grow stronger in influence. So there is a transitional period between the two Ages. Our scientific development has led to a fifth Ray personality, with increasing integration and directedness of character. There is also a growing number of those with an inclusive and humanitarian outlook and concern for world affairs. This leads to increasing effectiveness as the planetary ajna centre (GWP p157, EA p454). This struggle to develop global concern and inclusive values has characterised this transition period. There is also an increase in those responsive to the energy of universality of Aquarius, which will grow in future. This energy flows through Hierarchy, which is the correspondence to the planetary heart centre.

With sufficient development of the individual personality nature, there comes a time when a cooperative connection can be made with the soul, and for Humanity as a whole that time is now. However, this strong personality can also become a problem for soul contact, and also in relation to its environment. Indeed, fifth Ray influence has been withdrawn because of its excessive effect upon Humanity, and there has also been harmful impact upon the planet itself. While science, such as in medicine, has brought great benefit, few would question that our activity has had damaging effects upon the environment. This withdrawal might allow for a healthier balance of energies in the planetary etheric, and also for a better flow of spiritual energy. Ray 3 gave a somewhat materialistic personality (GWP p160), and Ray 5 has given greater knowledge and command of the physical world, but the Earth needs the alignment of Man with the Soul for a healthier flow of energy throughout Nature.

The glamours of Ray 5 concern materialism and the over-emphasis of form, the glamour of intellectuality and the assurance of knowledge (GWP p122). However, fifth Ray types mainly suffer from illusion, or a false mental view of things. They refuse to face the fact of the Higher Self, or spiritual nature, for they feel self-sufficient with their intellectual view of the physical world (GWP p223). They tend to recognise division, analysing things and using them. This has perhaps contributed to environmental and economic problems in the world, through the pursuit of objectified wealth, and the appropriation of the world’s resources for our own interests. Economics could be considered as a field for the distribution of energy and resources in a shared living environment. Indeed, work in nature conservation has shown that integrating local economies with the well-being of their environment is in their shared interest, as well as that of the wider world. The accumulation of material wealth has been at the expense not just of each other, but also of Nature. There is even talk of fixing the environmental problem through geo-engineering, rather than having deeper regard for the natural world, and taking care of the trees. Scientists themselves have done great work in raising awareness of the environmental crisis, and recognition of their work is reflective of increasing wisdom, as well as the international will to act politically. We might further consider that the Rays work through Nature also, and we are part of that spiritual picture.

There is a close relation between Rays 2-5, for Ray 5 acts as an illuminator and instrument, with the fifth as the revealer of the second type of energy (RI p601). Ray 5 governs the evolution of consciousness, and the relation of Humanity through the mind to Hierarchy, with sensitivity to contact, and the development of awareness (EA pp492-4). It is also influential in telepathic impression. The mind is real, and made of energy, and Ray 5 is the substance of the mental plane, and has made the soul and Hierarchy through its responsiveness to Ray 2 (RI p590), but these work in terms of a more cohesive kind of energy. Hierarchy is Ray 2, with spiritual love and wisdom, the second Ray of Attractive Coherency. The need to link with this heart centre can be seen as the contemporary crisis of Humanity. The fifth Ray can help in linking human knowledge with spiritual wisdom, as through our study of the spiritual nature and the Ray energies, but the withdrawal of Ray 5 from world influence would allow for more spiritual integration under Rays 2-4-7 of Aquarius, while those engaged in spiritual work will know of contact with the soul, and many people have spiritual experiences in their lives. The Ray Psychology of DK is given in terms of the healing and wisdom of Ray 2, while cooperation with the Hierarchical heart is surely participation in the work of planetary healing.

In DINA 1 p189ff, DK gives instruction to a student with a Ray 2 soul and Ray 5 personality. He says that Ray 5 can give an overactive mind and the need to work at the inner mechanism of contact, where the mind meets the soul. He says that there is need to “Think with Simplicity”. There is consideration of magnetism, with the goal of soul magnetism, and the need to radiate, with the personality as a reflector of the light of the soul. This student is given with a Ray 4 mind, which facilitates response to the light of the soul (DINA1 p197). The Ray 5 personality can have a swirl of forces in the aura in response to outer conditions, but the fourth Ray can bring harmony and skill in the art of creative living (DINA1 p201). Creative living is not just about art, but putting spiritual principles into practice in the world. In this wider view, to say that there is a swirl of forces in the aura of Humanity as a whole could be an understatement.

In fact, Hierarchy is now found on the buddhic level (RI p119), which has relation to the universal and inclusive sense of being. Furthermore, Humanity is given with a Ray 4 mind in the Age of Aquarius, so this might aid in aligning with the soul nature, and in giving skill in spiritual living for the future (GWP p157). The Ray 4 mind can radiate soul energy through a more intuitive and harmonising quality, relating the higher and lower aspects. Man is a bridging group upon the planet, relating the spiritual kingdoms and the kingdoms of Nature, and should bring together the spiritual life in all forms, working as a healing influence (EPII p363ff). This is made easier by the fact that Ray 4 comes under the control and influence of Ray 2. The fourth Ray mind gives the creative effect (GWP p157), working with spiritual relations over the material interests of the personality in terms of the well-being of the whole.

This will be advantageous in working with Ray 7 energy of the physical condition and environment, with increased sensitivity to spiritual energy and experience, because we have entered the Ray 7 period of Aquarius. This will give healthier balance to the Rays in the planetary etheric, through the alignment and balance of Humanity. This will involve learning to work with the spiritual nature as a healing channel for Ray 2. As the ajna centre, we can link with the Hierarchy, or planetary heart, and also with the heart centre in the crown chakra, of higher spiritual being, in a Triangle of service directing spiritual love through Humanity to the world. The spiritual beings composing Hierarchy will then be able to work more fully in outward expression. These beings have synthesised Ray and Astrological influences and work with these energies in healing and helping global affairs. This will make Humanity a linking agent between spiritual being and Nature, allowing for a flow of energy of benefit not just to ourselves but to the greater world of which we are a part.

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Reflections of a Sometime Thinker
—by Donald Michael Craig

The Quest

In my ’40s it struck me that what I called “thinking” was but the constant
rehashing of concepts formulated by others and crystallized by habit. I was not
thinking—I was remembering. The time had come, I resolved, to base my
thought life on first-hand experience. But how?

First, I had to break the habit of slipping into grooves of thought etched by
repetition. Next, I had to free the mental energy held captive by old concepts so
it could be used to fashion new concepts.

And so in the summer of 1972, I began my quest for the wellspring of wisdom.
I spent 30 minutes each morning pondering a selected subject. The first subject
I chose was not only the most difficult, but one of the most rewarding. It was a
treatise on the philosophy of numbers—The Theoretic Arithmetic of the
Pythagoreans—by the Platonist Thomas Taylor.

With only a high school education I was ill-equipped to fathom the meaning of
numeric symbols. That proved to be a plus—it ruled out falling back on
memory. I spent months brooding over the same questions: What is the meaning
of “One”? What form does it take? What is its quality, purpose, and cause?

As I continued to ponder various subjects through the years, I discovered that,
unlike the complex world revealed by our five senses, reflection reduces
complexity to simplicity. At its highest level, reflection opens the door to what
Patanjali, in the Yoga Sutras, called “the raincloud of knowable things.” This
is where the creative process begins—where the Soul works Its magic.

It is in the Light of the Soul, reflecting on the mirror of experience, that we
perceive both the soundness of our character and its flaws. Thus, reflection
enables us to assess our state of being at any given moment and to make the
adjustments needed to align the Soul, mind, and brain with the source of

I am now 90, and what have I learned? I have learned that love is the
key to wisdom—not love as an emotion but as a State of Consciousness that
understands all, forgives all, and embraces all.

The more loving we are, the more we comprehend. The more we comprehend,
the wiser we become. Rather than viewing life as a jumble of disjointed parts
—an accident—love reveals a pattern in which the parts form one interdependent
sentient Whole.

I wish I had learned that lesson years ago. The best I can do now is to give you
the fruit of my labor. Since my book, Reflections of a Sometime Thinker, is a labor of love, I offer it to you in the name of Love.

Donald Michael Craig’s book Reflections of a Sometime Thinker is available on amazon.com. See Donald’s website: www.donaldmcraig.com


Every man should learn
to love a woman,
for she deserves
what she so freely gives
while holding back
the universal secret
that love is God’s
most ardent wish.

It’s special for a man
to love a woman,
for to man it is
his heart and soul.
Have we not seen
anger in abundance
when conceit thinks
love to him is owed.

Every man should learn
to love a woman
for she can say then
Peace at last.
Spring will come
and settle into lilies.
Birds will sing
and build their nests.

​​​​——from Pocket of Pure Being and Other Poems
by Kurt Abraham