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Kurt Abraham, Russian Church, 18” x 24”, oil on canvas

Russia’s Seventh Ray Soul

Excerpts from the works of Djwhal Khul (Alice Bailey books)
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Russia has a sixth ray personality (idealism-devotion) and a seventh ray soul (organization and ceremonial magic). “The sixth Ray of Idealism is potent in Russia, the United States, Italy and Spain. It is the fanatical adherence to an ideal which is responsible for the potent changes in these four countries.” (Destiny of Nations p. 52, written 1949)

“A careful analysis of the idealism of Russia and of the United States may reveal no resemblances in the goal of their idealism; the Russian is driven by his seventh ray soul towards the imposition of an enforced ceremonial of ordered rhythms, leading to an idealized order and a community of interests. Because of this and because of the enforced work, some forces are present and active in Russia which need most careful handling by the spiritual Hierarchy of our planet. These forces working in Russia are concerned with the magic of form whereas pure white magic is concerned only with the soul or with the subjective aspect, as it conditions the objective. The ‘black forces’, so called, are nowhere rampant in Russia any more than in other parts of the world, but the Russian reaction and attitude to enforced rule and order has in it more of the magical seventh ray influence than is the case in other countries; Germany also enforced a standardized order and way of living but this was definitely submitted to the control of the black forces.” (Destiny of Nations p54, 1949)

The Emergence of a True and Living Religion. Russia’s “egoic ray is the seventh and her personality ray is the sixth. Hence the tremendous conflict which is going on between the fanatical sixth ray cruelty of her sixth ray regime and the spiritual harmlessness which is the basic principle of the national ideology. Hence also the materiality of several important sections of her populace and the essential brotherliness which is imposed by the idealism and the mystical aspiration of the Russian genius, expressed through its people as a whole. Hence also the correctness of their spiritual motto which is as yet unrealized by them but which is working itself out noticeably to those of us who can see upon the inner side of life. That motto is: ‘I link two ways.’ Their task, which will develop as they come to truer understanding, is the linking of the East and of the West, and also of the worlds of desire and of spiritual aspiration, of the fanaticism which produces cruelty and the understanding which produces love, of a developed materialism and a perfected holiness, of the selfishness of a materialistic regime and the unselfishness of a mystically and spiritually minded people, and all this in a most pronounced and peculiar manner. Behind the closed borders of that mysterious and magnificent country, a great and spiritual conflict is proceeding and the rare mystical spirit and the truly religious orientation of the people is the eternal guarantee that a true and living religion and culture will finally emerge. Out of Russia—a symbol of the world Arjuna in a very special sense—will emerge that new and magical religion about which I have so often told you. It will be the product of the great and imminent Approach which will take place between humanity and the Hierarchy. From these two centres of spiritual force, in which the light which ever shineth in and from the East will irradiate the West, the whole world will be flooded with the radiance of the Sun of Righteousness. I am not here referring (in connection with Russia) to the imposition of any political ideology, but to the appearance of a great and spiritual religion which will justify the crucifixion of a great nation and which will demonstrate itself and be focused in a great and spiritual Light which will be held aloft by a vital Russian exponent of true religion — that man for whom many Russians have been looking and who will be the justification of a most ancient prophecy.” (Destiny of Nations 60-1)

Russian Horoscope— Sun (ray 2), Uranus (ray 7), Jupiter (ray 2), Moon (ray 4)
Russia is as yet embryonic and her part lies more in the East than in the West, provided she follows the indicated lines. Her two ruling signs are Aquarius and Leo and her real function in the comity of nations lies far ahead when the Aquarian age is flourishing and the Leo control of the Russian personality has been offset. The planets which primarily influence Russia are the Sun (2nd ray), Uranus (7th ray), Jupiter (2nd ray) and the Moon (4th ray). This makes a most interesting, a most humanitarian and — in the long run — a non-destructive combination. At present, the intensely individualistic Leo force in its worst aspects is dominating, but this will not last as history will eventually prove. The noisy, cruel child can turn into a controlled humanitarian in adult life and the influences potent in the Russian horoscope indicate this.
(Destiny of Nations p85-6, 1949)

Russia, UK, and USA. “The keynote of human living will be struck by Russia, Great Britain and the United States — not because of their power, their historical past and their material resources or territorial extent, but because they are in a position to fuse and blend the many types, because they are far-visioned in their world purpose, because they are not basically selfish in their intent, and because the government of the peoples reaches down into the depths of each nation and is fundamentally for the people.” (Destiny of Nations 104-5)

“Will the great powers, Russia, the United States, and the British Commonwealth of Nations stand together for the total good of humanity, or will they each proceed upon their separate way towards their own selfish objectives?” (Problems of Humanity 30, 1947)

Initial Mistake but Eventual Brotherhood “Humanity as a whole knows little about Russia, for instance. The true significance of its ideology is misunderstood because of the initial mistakes of those who engineered the revolution; the license of unruly men in the early days gave onlooking humanity a wrong slant on what was happening. But those days are over. In the fires of suffering and through deepened understanding, this great and composite nation will advance towards a demonstration of brotherhood which may yet set an example to the entire world.” (Externalization of the Hierarchy p450, 1957)

“Above everything else, the problem before Russia is to give to the other nations of the world such an example of wise rule, free expression of individual purpose, and the use of an inclusive and sound education, that other nations will pattern themselves upon what Russia has demonstrated, yet will at the same time, preserve their own cultural approach, their own self-chosen form of government, and their own mode of expressing brotherhood. Russia inherently stands for a new world consciousness, and through her means, a new planetary expression will gradually be wrought out in the fire of experiment and experience. That great nation (a synthesis of East and West) must learn to rule without cruelty, without infringing the free will of the individual and because she has complete confidence in the beneficence of the ideals which she is developing but which are not yet expressed.” (Problems of Humanity 22-3)

The Church in Russia “The church in Russia has again received official recognition and faces a new opportunity. It does not yet constitute a factor in world affairs but there is hope that eventually it may emerge as a regenerating and spiritual force.” (Problems of Humanity 131)

A careful analysis of the idealism of Russia and of the United States may reveal no resemblances in the goal of their idealism, for the Russian is driven by his seventh ray soul towards the imposition of an enforced ceremonial of ordered rhythms, leading to an idealized order and community of interests. Because of this, and because of the enforced magical work, some forces are present and active in Russia which need most careful handling by the Brotherhood of Light; they are not exactly on the white side, as it is called, but are concerned with the magic of form, whereas pure white magic concerns only the soul or subjective aspect. The black forces, so called, are nowhere rampant in Russia any more than elsewhere in the world, but the Russian reaction and attitude to enforced rule and order has in it more of the magical seventh ray influence than is the case in other countries, such as Germany, which also enforces a standardized order and rule of life. (Esoteric Psychology I, pp386-7, 1936)

Legislation for Children. “A certain relationship or configuration of stars—of which one is the star Regulus, in Leo—will bring about a situation wherein the re-orientation of the attitude of the legal profession will take place; its functions and duties will be centralized for the purpose of world usefulness, and in this process legislation for children will assume great importance and be the motivating power. This legal step will be primarily advocated by Russia and endorsed by the United States of America. Before 2035 A.D. such legislation will be universal in its sphere of influence and control.” (Esoteric Astrology, p238, 1951)

In mystical Russia, the seeds of the spiritual life are emerging to fresh beauty and a triumphant religious ideal is on its way to manifest; (Esoteric Astrology, 346)

What is truly Evil. “Confound not evil with the activities of the gangster or the criminal. Criminals and gangsters are the result of the emerging massed imperfections: they are the victims of ignorance, mishandling when children and misunderstanding down the ages of right human relations; the Law of Rebirth will eventually lead them on the way to good. Those men are truly evil who seek to enforce a return to the bad old ways, who endeavor to keep their fellowmen in slavery of some kind or another, who block the expression of one or all of the Four Freedoms, who gain material riches at the expense of the exploited, or who seek to hold for themselves and for gain the produce of the earth, and thus make the cost of life’s necessities prohibitive to those not richly endowed. Those who thus work, think and plan are to be found in every nation, and are usually of prominence because of their riches and influence; however, they sin against light and not through ignorance; their goals are material and not spiritual. They are relatively few compared to the countless millions of men, but are exceedingly powerful; they are highly intelligent but unscrupulous, and it is through them that the Forces of Evil work, holding back progress, promoting poverty, breeding hatred and class distinctions, fostering racial differences for their own ends, and keeping ignorance in power. Their sin is great and it is hard for them to change, because power and the will-to-power (as it militates against the will-to-good) is a dominant all-controlling factor in their lives; these men are today working against the unity of the United Nations, through their greed, their determination to own the resources of the earth (such as oil, mineral wealth and food) and thus keep the people weak and with inadequate food. These men, who are found in every nation, thoroughly understand each other and are working together in great combines to exploit the riches of the earth at the expense of humanity.

“Russia is today singularly free of such men, so I refer not here to that vast country, as many of her enemies might surmise. Russia is making great mistakes, but they are the mistakes of a fanatical ideologist or of a gangster who sins because of ignorance, through immaturity or in fury at the evil things with which he is surrounded. This is something totally different to the evil with which I have been dealing, and it will not last, because Russia will learn; these others do not learn.” (Esoteric Healing, 668-9, 1953)

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The Ray Two Soul and the Ray Five Personality —

from Discipleship in the New Age Vol 1.
by Andrew Nellist

The Instructions given to subjects with this Ray combination are of great interest in terms of the topics concerned. This is even more the case in that they share, apart from the third Ray physical of S.S.P, the Rays given for Humanity in the Age of Aquarius (GWP p157), and so should shed some light on our shared experience in the future. With Hierarchy standing in relation to Humanity as the soul stands in relation to the individual personality, this gives:

Soul . . . . . Ray Two
Personality . . . . . Ray Five
Mind . . . . . Ray Four
Astral . . . . . Ray Six
Physical . . . . . Ray Seven.

In his instructions to S.S.P (DINA 1 p189ff) DK introduces two fundamental themes: karma and service. DK brings in the theme of karma as a factor in spiritual growth and participation in group work. This is “a karma that has touched mine at various points” (DINA 1 p189). Service is mentioned many times, because it is important in itself, as well as for spiritual progress and development. S.S.P is told that they can work in healing emotional ills of the astral body by “stabilising the emotional or astral bodies of those distraught” (p190). Firstly, though, they need to be in a more “organised condition” so that they can be an “aligned and clear channel” for spiritual force, and for this there must be more focus upon the heart centre. It could also be said that working more with the planetary heart centre, or Hierarchy, would help with a lot of the emotional problems of mankind. They are further given the task of researching references to healing and developments in relation to the etheric body. This is one of the foremost fields in the seventh Ray period ahead, and will be of great use in many ways, especially in medicine.

Their main difficulty lies in the over-activity of the mind, and they are urged to “Think with simplicity”. Further – “To you I give this message: Seek not the reason yet for all that does appear, but learn to love and do. Work from the heart and not from the head and balance your unfoldment. With heart and head aligned, the healing force can flow with power through you to others” (pp189-90). They are told to consider the word magnetism, with the goal of egoic or soul magnetism. However, there is the cautionary note of control and right use, otherwise the soul force can be destructive when the personality vehicles are uncontrolled (p191). Energy can also be dissipated in many unrelated and non-essential activities, while emphasis should be upon alignment, related to control by the soul, and contact between the soul and the brain via the mind (p192). The earlier note is repeated – “Simplicity is the way of soul growth. Be simple” (p193). They are advised to cultivate the attitude of the observer, in order to improve alignment (p194).

DK explains that “One of the secrets of true life, which is beginning to emerge in your consciousness, is that of being. It must take the place of doing.” Activity has become the line of least resistance but “For you, radiation is the keynote. And you can radiate. For you, the goal is to be a channel and no more and no less.” A study of the Soul and Personality Rays makes this clear: “The ray of the mind, the fourth ray, is the controlling ray of your personality, and that means that the power to react to soul illumination is yours” (p196). The fourth Ray mental body facilitates response to the light of the soul, for it is on the same line of force as the second Ray soul. It makes the mind a focal point for soul force in the fifth Ray personality. This helps with the building of the antahkarana. The sixth Ray astral body, moreover, gives an orientation to the spiritual world, and aids in making soul contact (p197). It is to be hoped that fourth Ray thinking will aid humanity in overcoming astral problems and encourage aspiration to spiritual values.

DK says again that the major difficulty lies in the fifth Ray personality, with the critical, analytical mind. It also lies in the third Ray physical body, increasing the activity of the critical personality. The remedy is to let soul influence work through the fourth Ray mind and the sixth Ray astral body. DK adds an important point – “Be not discouraged, my brother. If you and all your group brothers will work on these ray ideas and deal with yourselves as unified wholes and not with yourselves as composites, you will soon be ready for group work in healing” (p198). The main problem is in the response of the entire personality to environing conditions, owing to the responsiveness of the third Ray physical to the environment. This gives opportunity for the fourth Ray mind to produce harmony, with skill in action, as the Ray of creative living. This requires a mental meditation to bring in the light of the soul, love-wisdom, which will produce “the emergence of the inner pattern” into daily living, through wise and skillful living as it expresses in the environment. This could be said to be our collective task in relation to the many crises and difficulties in the world. S.S.P is asked to focus the inner attention in two aspects: the soul and the brain, through the illumined mind. They are given a fourth Ray meditation to follow which will help in this (pp201-2).

W.O.I (p441ff) has the same Rays as those given for Humanity in the Age of Aquarius. They have the task of working toward the path of wisdom, through cultivating the attitude of the observer, leading to the role of the interpreter. These words give the keynote of the present soul cycle, which will cover several incarnations. DK further notes that the Rays of the personality in this life will be “instrumental in laying the foundation for your next life”. It is of interest that they are given a review on the attitude of the Observer “which may be of assistance to you as you prepare for work in this group and for the gradual development of your psychic powers”. These psychic powers have caused a degree of bewilderment, but they are told not to be concerned about this for – “The fitting of yourself to be an interpreter is an important part of your training; for this purpose your soul has brought you into incarnation in this cycle” (DINA 1 pp441-2). There will, moreover, be increasing development of psychic powers in the seventh Ray period of Aquarius, and so we could all benefit from this, by viewing them in the light of the soul.

With regard to the conditioning Rays, W.O.I is invited to test and prove DK’s suggestions in order to reach a better understanding of the intended personality task. This would appeal to the fifth Ray personality with its scientific enquiry and investigation. DK refers also to the effect of the Rays on surrounding people and upon the impressionable substance with which the soul has to work (p446). This serves to remind us that the science of the Rays is a new field in which we will have to learn to work, with many applications and implications. With a second Ray soul and a fifth Ray personality, W.O.I is asked to ponder on the relationship between knowledge and wisdom. This requires spiritual insight rather than intellectual analysis. They are then asked to consider the effect of their mental body upon others: “On the path of discipleship, these same forces must be studied in relation to those with whom destiny, karma and vocational choice has thrown the disciple” (p447).

They are given with a sixth Ray astral nature, which has allowed intensity in aspiration and helped them to avoid such sixth Ray difficulties as “fanatical adherences to people or schools of thought”. The Ray six astral presents a problem area for humanity as a whole. It can give positive aspiration or strong feelings for and against things. With the fifth Ray personality this can work in terms of ideas and idealistic attachment to ideas and attitudes, with accompanying antipathy to those who think differently. The fourth Ray mind might help in seeking harmony between conflicting attitudes, and finding a more inclusive viewpoint through linking with the wisdom of the second Ray soul.

With a seventh Ray physical nature, DK notes a degree of imbalance because there are only two lines of force on the first Ray line: the fifth Ray and the seventh. The other Ray energies are all on the 2-4-6 line, with the second as the only major Ray in expression. In order to redress this, they were given the keyword of “interpretation”, thus calling in qualities of Ray three (p448). However, it might be noted that in relation to Humanity the third Ray will still be effective as a general influence (DN p142). Moreover, the seventh Ray will be strengthened in future, works well with Ray two in relating the spiritual and the physical, and will help with awareness of spiritual and Ray energies. Of great potential value, though, is the fifth Ray itself, which can help to blend the even and odd numbered Rays, through greater understanding of Ray psychology.

W.O.I’s Rays “are such that they constitute a deep pool or well of loving understanding”. It is only the fifth Ray personality that stands in the way of a full expression of the soul nature. The mental and astral vehicles, both along the second Ray line, will help in expressing this. “But it is the task of the fifth Ray (when dominating the personality) to dissect, to analyse, and to come to conclusions and this is a glamour, requiring most careful handling or a barrier will be set up – in your case – between the soul and the three vehicles through the medium of the synthesising of personality energy” (p449). The process of expanding consciousness, then, is not easy with a fifth Ray personality and a sixth Ray astral body. “That is why you have a mental body which is conditioned by the fourth ray; your battle for vision and inclusiveness must be fought out in the mind and on realised mental levels; that is for you definitely a mental issue. Your task is to link the emotional and the intuitional nature and so evoke spiritual sensitivity to revelation” (p452).

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