Vol 21, No 2 – 2019


by Nancy Maehl




Expressed within the RACE of MAN,

Ten groups AM I,

WORLD SERVERS bridging group to group

And blending segments to the whole


Intermediary AM I

Bridging above-below

I link all Life,

Raising upward, consciousness

From kingdom into kingdom


May the Power of the One Life pour through the group of all true servers.

May the Love of the One Soul characterize the lives of all who seek to aid the Great Ones.

May I fulfil my part in the One Work through self-forgetfulness,

harmlessness, right speech, and right action.



by Kurt Abraham

The keywords for the second initiation are DEDICATION, GLAMOUR, and DEVOTION.  The second initiation deals with LOVE, the Second Ray of Love-Wisdom, and with complete control of the emotional (astral) plane.  The WATER element of the astral plane, combining with the important FIRE factor of dedication  creates fogs, mists, and thus glamour and illusion.

The first initiation opens doors to the inner LIGHT (soul light and spiritual light), which reduces the hold that Maya (enchantment of the form aspect) has over the aspiring Seeker after Truth.

The first initiation facilitates the movement from darkness into Light.  The second initiation facilitates the movement from the unreal (glamour) to the Real. In this process one also leaves behind the astral-emotional undulations and develops more of a mental focus along with a soul-mind interplay.

Knowledge is akin to Light.  Personality knowledge focuses on form-knowledge, whereas the Soul Light reflects on the more qualitative Good of the Whole.  Personality is in the habit of thinking-asking “What’s in it for me?”  This is a primary glamour producing factor.  Soul, on the other hand, thinks-and reflects on how one can use the Light to help, heal, and elevate others.  The getting acquisitive desire of personality is replaced by the giving-sharing radiation of soul.  The self-seeking, me-first, habit of personality still comes into play during the early stages of the more enlightened soul service.  Spiritual aspiring groups still need to contend with the selfishness tendency, and thus glamours still manage to cloud, distort, and disturb.  The cure for this is DEVOTION.  What is one devoted to?  One is devoted to the Way (Tao), to the Path, and to Service.  The personal drama of the solar plexus center is replaced by the inclusive unity of the Heart center.

The keywords for the third initiation (from death to immortality) are INTEGRATION, DIRECTION,  and SCIENCE.  The first initiation deals with the physical plane, the form factor, and works with the Seventh Ray of Organization and Ceremonial Magic.  The second intiation works with the Sixth Ray of Idealism-Devotion (along with the Second Ray), and mastery of the emotional plane.   The third initiation deals with soul control of mind and, therefore with science and the Fifth Ray.  The aspiring aspirant becomes then the serving disciple.   The accepting disciple (accepting the work of service) becomes the accepted disciple, or the one who is accepted into the Ashram, and thus integrated into the Group Work of the Spiritual Hierarchy.  Integration leads to Direction, which has everything to do with the Will of God.  One’s active outer life takes on a whole new coloring, as one becomes imbued with a profound sense of Purpose.  (See The Rays and the Initiation, Alice Bailey,  pp. 682, 691)